Edgar Allan Poe + Updates


Hey guys! So… you might be wondering why the site hasn’t been updated since Inktober. I’ll explain. But first, recently it was Edgar Allan Poe’s 210th birthday! To celebrate, I made a new print of the above Raven. You can find it on my Etsy store here, for only $25! It’s an 11×17″ print.

Ok, so about my absence, I have been so busy lately that I just haven’t had any new art to post here. In addition to that, I’m coming up on the renewal for this exact website. The site might have to go down for a bit. The cost of keeping this website up is not in my budget right now. As soon as I finish this big commission I’ve been working on it’ll be fine, but until then I’m in the red. You can help me maintain everything by buying something from this link or supporting on Patreon!

Patreon is a great way to support the artistic community, because you can subscribe at any level tier you’re comfortable with and get cool rewards for doing so. It’s like Kickstarter in that sense, but instead of crowdfunding one project once, you’re supporting an artist, musician, filmmaker, etc monthly and help them stay in their field. You get behind the scenes access, exclusive content, and in my case, artwork delivered RIGHT TO YOU!

Anyway, enough of me ranting about my troubles. If you dig The Raven, check out the print and spread the word!


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